The Chinese Mission Convention (CMC) is more than a convention; it is evidence that God is at work.

CMC is a ministry whose ultimate purpose is to challenge and mobilize Christian-Chinese and non-Chinese of the calling to be ambassadors for Christ in all walks of life, locally and globally, to reach Chinese, non-Chinese, and unreached people groups.

What CMC is about

CMC is dedicated to empowering individuals and churches to reach the world for Christ. Since its beginning in 1983, CMC has been attended by over 45,000 people. Numerous churches, organizations, and individuals have been empowered and mobilized for God’s mission.

The vision and focus of CMC does not end with the close of the convention. AFC is committed to working with a variety of churches, individuals, faculty, and organizations to follow up on the progress and special needs of those who dedicate their lives to full-time ministry.

Background of CMC

This triennial convention was started in 1983 and has significantly increased in size and impact each time it has been held. Many churches, organizations, and individuals have greatly benefited from past conventions.

We praise the Lord for the way that He has blessed this ministry. CMC has grown beyond the East Coast to the West, South and into Europe. And in recent years, CMC online has made it possible for those around the globe to join the conference.

We are thankful to the Lord that CMC has been a tremendous platform for mobilizing Chinese to reach Chinese for Christ and for missions cross-culturally.

Our vision, mission & goals


Multiplying healthy churches locally and globally


To walk alongside Chinese Churches to fulfill the Great Commission well


Unleash CHRIST FOLLOWERS and CHURCHES for God’s Global Glory who will

  • Reproduce disciple-makers
  • Initiate accountable disciple-making training at church
  • Offer missions-related courses such as Perspective or Kairos

Values we live by

These values represent our conviction:
  1. The centrality of God’s glory and Lordship in our lives
  2. The need for personal repentance and sanctification
  3. The power and urgency of the Gospel message
  4. Every Christian a disciple and disciple-maker
  5. Commitment to build up the local church
  6. Raising a new generation of leaders
  7. Conversant with our culture and society
  8. Uniting local churches for increased Kingdom impact and glory
  9. Inclusive of both global and local perspectives

Who is CMC designed for?

CMC is designed for you, mission-minded Christians of all ages, who are eager to be exposed to mission concepts and to network with others to expand and implement your mission vision.

Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, missions practitioner, parent, professional, or student, CMC offers a convenient and effective platform for you to connect, learn, and grow in the Kingdom.

At CMC, you will have the opportunity to hear messages from highly respected mission voices, attend workshops, talk with missionaries and agencies, worship, and pray.

Who is the sponsoring organization?

CMC is sponsored by Ambassadors for Christ, Inc (AFC). Founded in 1963, AFC exists to reach Chinese intellectuals for Christ in this generation by partnering with churches and other ministries with a clear goal – to evangelize, equip, and mobilize Chinese intellectuals globally as a vital force for God's Kingdom through campus ministry, literature resources, training, and conferences.

AFC staff and a host of dedicated volunteers from the churches carry out the tasks necessary to plan, organize, and bring CMC to a successful completion.